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Home Study YogaGlo & Meditation with Headspace

Update: Headspace is having a sale on 40% off on their annual subscription totaling $58USD for the year. Click here for details!

That’s probably not a whole lot of days… But to be fair, it’s a new app for me. And I love it. It’s called Headspace. It’s a meditation program geared towards not only teaching you how to meditate, but also to help you maintain the habit. If you get through all their Basics and want more, you can subscribe to their packages, currently (USD) $12.99 monthly rate, $7.99/month annual rate, and $399.99 lifetime. This is definitely an interesting concept to subscribe to something like this (at least from my POV), and you can also subscribe through their app on iOS or Android thereby (possibly?) applying store (iTunes or Google Play) credit. I’m still getting through all their Basics series so will keep you posted if a subscription is in my future… A major draw for me is the integration with HealthKit and Apple Watch. What’s the point of doing stuff if it’s not documented?!

The other service I signed up for was yoga home study with YogaGlo. (They also have meditation classes which I’ve assigned myself.) This one is pretty straight forward, $18.99/month for unlimited yoga. That’s not too bad considering one class at a studio can run you about $20-$25. They have a pretty extensive collection of different classes geared towards all levels and practices, even including specialized yoga such as prenatal/postnatal. I actually did subscribe to them briefly back in 2011 or so, and they have since come a really long way. They have great app integration on all the major platforms, as opposed to other home study yoga classes which use a browser. (I personally found browsers really limited and prefer using apps. Apps hold your place and settings better than a browser.) They also offer sequence classes over a few weeks and calendar reminders for you to get your butt on your mat.


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Home Renovation Project: Average Joe’s Gym

Scroll through the gallery to see all the pictures! Shot on a Sony α6000. (Yes, still a newb.)

Ever since moving to our new place in October, we have been picking out different projects to complete. This wasn’t a total fixer upper, but it was a good place to start and tweak things to be how we wanted.

I had originally wanted a guest bedroom, but after further thought, we decided it was probably better if people didn’t stay over so much. Not only that, the room would have been mostly unused. That would have been a waste for us, considering we don’t get many guests anyway.

We ultimately decided to convert one of the bedrooms into a home gym!

  • Paint: Behr Premium Plus in Moth Grey (Home Depot)
  • Crown Moulding: R531 Painted MDF (Reel Lumber Service)
  • Flooring: Traffic Master High Impact Rubber Tiles, Blue Specks
  • Windows: Artscape Etched Glass Window Film


  • Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells
  • push-up bars
  • ETHOS Power Rack 1.0
  • Fitness Gear 300# Olympic Weight Set
  • Powerline Olympic Weight Tree
  • Valor Fitness Bench (Adjustable Incline)
  • CAP 150# Rubber Hex Dumbbell Weight Set (5-25#)
  • Manduka Yoga Mat Pro Lite (cork blocks, belt, cushion)
  • Champion Sports Stability Ball (55 cm)
  • Everlast Leather Jump Rope
  • Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth Speakers (Pair)
  • Double Window Fan for sweaty workouts…