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Home Study YogaGlo & Meditation with Headspace

Update: Headspace is having a sale on 40% off on their annual subscription totaling $58USD for the year. Click here for details!

That’s probably not a whole lot of days… But to be fair, it’s a new app for me. And I love it. It’s called Headspace. It’s a meditation program geared towards not only teaching you how to meditate, but also to help you maintain the habit. If you get through all their Basics and want more, you can subscribe to their packages, currently (USD) $12.99 monthly rate, $7.99/month annual rate, and $399.99 lifetime. This is definitely an interesting concept to subscribe to something like this (at least from my POV), and you can also subscribe through their app on iOS or Android thereby (possibly?) applying store (iTunes or Google Play) credit. I’m still getting through all their Basics series so will keep you posted if a subscription is in my future… A major draw for me is the integration with HealthKit and Apple Watch. What’s the point of doing stuff if it’s not documented?!

The other service I signed up for was yoga home study with YogaGlo. (They also have meditation classes which I’ve assigned myself.) This one is pretty straight forward, $18.99/month for unlimited yoga. That’s not too bad considering one class at a studio can run you about $20-$25. They have a pretty extensive collection of different classes geared towards all levels and practices, even including specialized yoga such as prenatal/postnatal. I actually did subscribe to them briefly back in 2011 or so, and they have since come a really long way. They have great app integration on all the major platforms, as opposed to other home study yoga classes which use a browser. (I personally found browsers really limited and prefer using apps. Apps hold your place and settings better than a browser.) They also offer sequence classes over a few weeks and calendar reminders for you to get your butt on your mat.


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Weekend in Review

Weekends are always the best time to catch up on R & R (rest and relaxation). In anticipation of a busy upcoming year, I’ve tried to take the most time I can to spend as much time as I can doing nothing. Of course, it depends what one’s definition is of “nothing”.


  • Picked up an Apple Watch (Series 3, GPS only) to replace FitBit Blaze (2016).
    A little known fact is that the Apple retail store now price matches up to 10% off. This holiday season is especially useful for that since many of their products go on sale from third party retailers like Fry’s or Sam’s Club. I combined this with a trade-in valued at $35! Out the door price was less than $300USD including local tax.
  • I considered making a blog post comparing the two, but since the models are from different years, I thought it wasn’t advantageous since it was not “apples to apples”.
  • Took the dogs for a nice long walk to the park. Walked around the lake and saw a goose/chicken mash up in the wild. Also regular geese and ducks. Later the dogs were dreaming of chasing them.
  • We experimented with a dough recipe (made french bread buns) and made scratch patties for burgers. (Working on recipes for you!) As well as homemade apple chunk sauce.
  • Had my family over for dinner and watched Atomic Blonde.


  • Church
  • Took a long nap.
  • Ate a late lunch of leftovers.
  • Took the dogs on a short(er) dog walk.
  • Visited J’s parents. We always bring random stuff over and they always send us home with groceries. Love it.
  • Made salisbury steak on arugula with rosemary roasted potatoes for dinner. …I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture… But this meal is on regular rotation so I will have it for you next time.
  • Went to the discount retailer store to enjoy late holiday hours with less traffic. Their buyers are getting better this season but couldn’t find anything to buy.
  • Took a bath.
    I actually never really took baths but I started to recently to help with my sore muscles and winter dryness. Right now I have the Oatmeal and Mustard soaks from Barefoot Venus. I picked them up from Costco (which has since sold out, $36USD) packaged with one refill and one bottle of massage oil. I use the Oatmeal version when my muscles are sore, and the Mustard one when I feel any kind of illness like dehydration or headache. (I soak for about 15 minutes in barely hot water and do not submerge my whole body. Also, let the record show in 2017 that it is considered safe and encouraged to go swimming in chlorinated water.)
  • Made some cookies with the last of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. Santa’s not getting anything at this point.
  • The main football season has ended and Vikings are declared kings of the north, and Patriots are kings of the east…

Looking Ahead This Week

  • Prepare for the close of 2017.
  • Learn about C-sections.
  • Finish planning H’s welcome party.
  • Cut J’s hair.
  • Sign up for online yoga classes at YogaGlo.
  • Mash up the analog calendar to digital – Google Cal.
  • Get rid of all these papers on my desk.
  • Close Activity rings!
  • Figure out what to blog about this week…