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Tiger Tail USA

We picked up a Tiger Tail and guide book yesterday. (If you need a two-pack, Costco is currently selling one for $40USD.) We got a pretty good deal on one at Target and their fitness promotion and we don’t need two so we just picked up the single.

The book was pretty pricey, retail, but I found it to be pretty useful at showing you where to target the pressure or trigger point to relieve some of the pain. For someone who had to go through physical therapy, etc, I found this to be really great and saved some money going to get massaged or at the chiropractor. I’ve actually been looking for a resource like this for some time now, I’m really happy I’ve found it.

Although the Classic Tiger Tail is a super simple device, it’s huge draw was that it was simple and didn’t contain all the weird looking knobs and bumps of the other guys. After trying several in store, we just felt that the simple one was able to target the areas the best since your muscles are already non-linear so to speak. (Full disclosure, we also have a Homedics Cordless 3D Tru Touch Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat which works really well when leaning against the back of a couch and moving it down your back.) I also like that it can be cleaned with anti-bacterial products because I know J is gonna use this without a shirt or long pants after a workout. 😒 And, despite the Asian sounding name, it’s made in the USA!

We might acquire more products from this family at a later time, but looks like this is a great basic pack to start 2018. Recommended!

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Close of Another (Short) Era

This year has been incredibly wonderful to say the least. Prosperous, even, as my Auntie C had put it in the a holiday card. This year has been filled with many stresses, but enjoyable still. So many moving parts with our lives. So many significant events in 2017… (maybe one day I’ll tell you) and tons of hosting large parties this year. I enjoy the planning process and putting everything together in the background, and it has been such a joy to share my visions with others. Although I wouldn’t say it’s pay-me event planner status, I’ve been pretty impressed with my developing amateur skills. Hopefully with each passing party, it will get more focused and fluent. Less sweaty, hopefully, at the very least. More pictures, definitely.

As I look forward to the coming year, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for what is to come. Although most of the advice throughout my life has been variances of “be careful” and “you don’t know what you’re getting into”, I realized that life is really taken one step at a time, one minute at a time, one breath at a time. So far, it’s been much easier this way, less worrying about what I cannot control. I would say 2017 was mostly spent learning to let go. Still definitely a work in progress, I am only human, but it has been helping to be in my current state, to feel helpless, to feel frustrated at the lack of mobility and restrictions, and also to learn to let go of it, and realize the beautiful (and thoroughly amazing) process that is happening. Sort of like driving a Prius and sitting in traffic.

Some part of me is somewhat skeptical. I keep running through my mind that maybe my wishes won’t come true in the end, but I think about the journey that I’ve embarked on, and all the people that have come into my life to stay now, and I know it won’t be for naught. This year has taught me about how much community I have, how much loving family, and how not alone I am. There will always be people to celebrate with you, to laugh with you, to cry with you, and mostly, to love you. So although this “era” was short and sweet this year, it was a full year to fully enjoy and relish in all the good things that have happened, and this year I’ve never felt more loved.

If your year didn’t go as well, please remember, not everyone’s journey is roses and peaches. Sometimes you have to live for 30 years in darkness before you see the light. And feel it. Truly feel it, no matter what comes. Don’t give up on yourself. And as everyone keeps telling you, it’s true. It’s all in your head. Be grateful for all the wins, no matter how small. Take a moment to breathe every day.

Best of luck.

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Kate Somerville – Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

I was lucky enough to receive this pot of gold as one of my gifts this year. I wanted to write a review on it since I don’t really keep up with conventional skincare anymore. (I still make my own skincare products, sans face wash.)

The packaging feels a bit luxurious and I thought the soft purple translucent container was beautiful. The dispenser is unique, you push down to have product released into the bowl. For me, it actually put too much product on, but I can definitely appreciate the sanitary nature of not dipping your fingers into a tub.

The moisturizer didn’t feel as light as other reviewers had stated, it was more of a creamy texture, in line with the name of the product. This was great though considering it is winter time and my skin has been mauled by the dry patchiness of the brisk chilly winter season. Despite my hopes for a one-night-wonder, it still left my skin a bit patchy this morning, but interestingly enough, glowing in the other regions of my face. My face doesn’t feel as dry as it did a few nights ago, and I’d imagine with continual use that there will be a much more significant improvement. I appreciate that the product was chosen for me with sensitive skin and more natural ingredients. Good pick!

As far as it becoming a staple in my regime… I think I still prefer my all natural homemade products, but will definitely be using this until it’s gone. Savoring, even. Thanks, L!

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If you are looking for a VPN service to search the internet more securely and do things in general on the world wide web, NordVPN is having a 3 year deal right now for $99.00USD which comes out to be $2.75/month. Use code 3ydeal to get it at check-out!

This is a super great service to use especially if you’re on public WiFi a lot. They offer downloads that are browser specific or you can secure your whole computer. 6 total running applications of it at one time allowed.

Lifehacker has a great post on why a VPN is talk of the town of late.

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Home Study YogaGlo & Meditation with Headspace

Update: Headspace is having a sale on 40% off on their annual subscription totaling $58USD for the year. Click here for details!

That’s probably not a whole lot of days… But to be fair, it’s a new app for me. And I love it. It’s called Headspace. It’s a meditation program geared towards not only teaching you how to meditate, but also to help you maintain the habit. If you get through all their Basics and want more, you can subscribe to their packages, currently (USD) $12.99 monthly rate, $7.99/month annual rate, and $399.99 lifetime. This is definitely an interesting concept to subscribe to something like this (at least from my POV), and you can also subscribe through their app on iOS or Android thereby (possibly?) applying store (iTunes or Google Play) credit. I’m still getting through all their Basics series so will keep you posted if a subscription is in my future… A major draw for me is the integration with HealthKit and Apple Watch. What’s the point of doing stuff if it’s not documented?!

The other service I signed up for was yoga home study with YogaGlo. (They also have meditation classes which I’ve assigned myself.) This one is pretty straight forward, $18.99/month for unlimited yoga. That’s not too bad considering one class at a studio can run you about $20-$25. They have a pretty extensive collection of different classes geared towards all levels and practices, even including specialized yoga such as prenatal/postnatal. I actually did subscribe to them briefly back in 2011 or so, and they have since come a really long way. They have great app integration on all the major platforms, as opposed to other home study yoga classes which use a browser. (I personally found browsers really limited and prefer using apps. Apps hold your place and settings better than a browser.) They also offer sequence classes over a few weeks and calendar reminders for you to get your butt on your mat.


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Weekend in Review

Weekends are always the best time to catch up on R & R (rest and relaxation). In anticipation of a busy upcoming year, I’ve tried to take the most time I can to spend as much time as I can doing nothing. Of course, it depends what one’s definition is of “nothing”.


  • Picked up an Apple Watch (Series 3, GPS only) to replace FitBit Blaze (2016).
    A little known fact is that the Apple retail store now price matches up to 10% off. This holiday season is especially useful for that since many of their products go on sale from third party retailers like Fry’s or Sam’s Club. I combined this with a trade-in valued at $35! Out the door price was less than $300USD including local tax.
  • I considered making a blog post comparing the two, but since the models are from different years, I thought it wasn’t advantageous since it was not “apples to apples”.
  • Took the dogs for a nice long walk to the park. Walked around the lake and saw a goose/chicken mash up in the wild. Also regular geese and ducks. Later the dogs were dreaming of chasing them.
  • We experimented with a dough recipe (made french bread buns) and made scratch patties for burgers. (Working on recipes for you!) As well as homemade apple chunk sauce.
  • Had my family over for dinner and watched Atomic Blonde.


  • Church
  • Took a long nap.
  • Ate a late lunch of leftovers.
  • Took the dogs on a short(er) dog walk.
  • Visited J’s parents. We always bring random stuff over and they always send us home with groceries. Love it.
  • Made salisbury steak on arugula with rosemary roasted potatoes for dinner. …I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture… But this meal is on regular rotation so I will have it for you next time.
  • Went to the discount retailer store to enjoy late holiday hours with less traffic. Their buyers are getting better this season but couldn’t find anything to buy.
  • Took a bath.
    I actually never really took baths but I started to recently to help with my sore muscles and winter dryness. Right now I have the Oatmeal and Mustard soaks from Barefoot Venus. I picked them up from Costco (which has since sold out, $36USD) packaged with one refill and one bottle of massage oil. I use the Oatmeal version when my muscles are sore, and the Mustard one when I feel any kind of illness like dehydration or headache. (I soak for about 15 minutes in barely hot water and do not submerge my whole body. Also, let the record show in 2017 that it is considered safe and encouraged to go swimming in chlorinated water.)
  • Made some cookies with the last of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. Santa’s not getting anything at this point.
  • The main football season has ended and Vikings are declared kings of the north, and Patriots are kings of the east…

Looking Ahead This Week

  • Prepare for the close of 2017.
  • Learn about C-sections.
  • Finish planning H’s welcome party.
  • Cut J’s hair.
  • Sign up for online yoga classes at YogaGlo.
  • Mash up the analog calendar to digital – Google Cal.
  • Get rid of all these papers on my desk.
  • Close Activity rings!
  • Figure out what to blog about this week…
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Hello, Again.

Christmas Decorations – Shot in poor lighting on an iPhone 7+.

After the decision to shut down MintyBanana earlier this year in January, I spent the year away from any kind of journaling or social media to recollect myself and regroup. The world has been sorta crazy since then, lots of things have happened, a lot of which I wish I had collected. Maybe not publicly, but definitely in some sort of prettier way.

I had gotten a notice a few weeks ago that my domain was going to be released into the wild (expire), and after much thought, here we are, back again, alive and kicking. If you know me from many a yesteryear, you would know. I can’t stay away that long. Under the warm blanket of a rain water shower last night, I remembered why I had begun blogging in the first place. I had wanted the chance to have some kind of remanent of myself, from my own words. I wanted people to know who I was if I died. …Maybe I’ve seen too many re-runs of V for Vendetta… But sometimes maybe just to write about how my day was, or what I did, or even what I ate. Sometimes the monotony of life is what helps us remember what to be grateful for. And we certainly all need a little bit more of that in our lives.

I’ve reincarnated this blog as a hybrid private/public one. In January it was sort of brought to my attention if you will, that I should keep some thoughts to myself, so, despite needing to share my thoughts with the world, I shall keep some mystery from you. It’s probably for the better anyway. Free speech and free will and all that. Some posts will be password protected, available to my family members if they wish to see a more private world of mine. But everything else, from food to crafting, tips and tricks, all yours for the devouring. Like usual.

Welcome back!