This picture pretty much sums up my life. Just not the orange shirt part… I don’t like orange much. Or 103°F weather.

about the blogger


We’ve been a family since 2012. That was around the time the two fur balls showed up. Then, sometime since then, it was legalized so we could file our taxes together and receive health benefits coverage. It was a good decision. For the most part, we are a happy family, so long as everyone is fed and walked. Well, until the next puppy arrives anyway.

My name is Pamela. I’m the one in the picture holding the purple leash. Wearing orange. If you’re color blind, I’m the one on the right. If you’re directionally challenged… Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m a typical Millennial, or as I like to say, young person with no clear direction in life. But, instead of wallowing in sadness trying to “find myself” like in my earlier years, I’ve grown up and realized, maybe this is just who I am, and well, the rest the big G can shape along the way.

On this blog you’ll find a haphazard collection of things I like to do and write about. I like to bake, eat, clean, and craft. I yoga, run, and lift weights. I used to be a big wine drinker, but not so much these days. I use a Happy Planner and an iPhone. I’m the person who mails you birthday cards and orders custom drinks for no apparent reason. I don’t do much traveling but wherever I go, I like to take my little family.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Time for lunch!