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WontonInAMillion Happy Mail!

Here is my mini haul from WontonInAMillion on Etsy! She included some freebies since it was her birthday (birthday card and die cuts). These will definitely be used. 👍

Yes, I find dimsum incredibly cute. So cute. I die. Cynthia did a limited edition package for this Chinese New Year, cards for the zodiac of the year and a collaboration with SimplyGildedCo for stickers and washi tape. (I couldn’t just get one, so yes, you guessed it, I got two!) I decided to use the specialty cards this year to wish our families a happy new year. Hopefully no one reads this post prematurely…

The quality of everything was really great, I found the stickers a little bit fuzzy in terms of the print, but I still enjoyed the artwork and packaging. It was just tough to compare them to the post cards and other printed items she included for novelty. So crisp! The card quality was a pretty good print, textured paper, but it was a little bit smaller than I would have liked. (I like to mail photos with my cards.) It’s ok though, this is pretty common at most Etsy stores and other fine retailers of cards. I have extra packs of larger envelopes to cope.

Anyway, I basically wanted to order the whole store, but I ended up just adding two other washi tapes in my order, one for baby showers and one for weddings since we’ll be doing a lot of those this year. So excited to use these!!

Close up of the washi and stickers… Swoon. 😍

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