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2018: A Bullet Journal Journey

Before I dive into my thoughts and how I got there, take a peek at the Bullet Journal from Ryder.

I spent the week debating about my Happy Planner. One month in, I just wasn’t happy. My planner was mostly empty, but my mind was full of stuff I needed to write down. I even started jotting down my brain on a “dump” notebook. (Where I dump all my thoughts in an unorganized fashion.) I needed a new system, something that didn’t cost me $80USD for customization but something I could write in, put stickers all over, and call my own.

Full disclosure, I did contemplate getting a Traveler’s Notebook from Foxy Fix (ok, I might still get this way later…) but of course, the price thing just popped into my head again and again. I couldn’t justify spending $120USD on a beautiful leather notebook (with customization!!) cover without making sure I had a sure fire plan in place on what goes inside. I ended up coming around full circle to the Bullet Journal.

I went to my local Barnes & Noble and picked up a Leuchtturm1917 in Berry. If there’s anything about a struggling bookstore, it’s that they’ll always have cute, niche items in stock. I hope this one stays in the ‘hood. There were plenty of colors to choose from, even the Bullet Journal branded ones (for $5 more). I picked up the plain one and was eager to get home to get started. …Maybe too eager…

I took me about a half day to get set up for the month of February. Ok fine, I stayed up until 2AM that morning and then woke up at 6AM to start again. But don’t let this number be daunting to you, it probably wouldn’t take the average person that long. This therapeutic practice was like an adult coloring book for me. Fresh pages, begging to be drawn on in fancy multi-colored pens and pen brushes. Dots just begging to be covered with clear foiled stickers. I am no artist or calligrapher, but writing stuff down color coded? I was all over it. I even sketched the page’s plan with pencil. Who am I?!

I didn’t want to move past February though, for sake of needing to “file” more items in the same month. After my monthly page, I have my week spreads on the left page, and meal planning, exercise box, and notes on the other. At the end of the weeks, I put my habit tracker and started the pages for my projects, or works in progress. Every body is different, and that’s what makes this journaling method so amazing. I don’t follow the original method to the T, but it’s inspirational nonetheless, and keeps me together in a fluid system. I can definitely tell this might be the system I’ll adapt for many years. And it’s inspired me to create, which was the whole purpose of this venture!

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