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Honing in Skills: Calligraphy

I’ve been dabbling in the pen arts for a while, but not really practicing my calligraphy strokes, so I decided recently to get back into it. J took me to our local Blick and I picked out some traditional style Speedball calligraphy nibs and ink to start practicing.  (Blick is such an amazing art store!!) I hope to develop this skill and use it in a much bigger project in the future. 🙃

Besides the new pens I purchased, I’ll be practicing with my favorite Tombow dual brush pens and a Sakura brush pen. I haven’t yet used my Tombows for drawing, but that is also a skill I hope to develop later…

If you’re interested in joining me on this endeavor, check out this Tombow blog post I found for free worksheet printables!

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