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#WIP – Inspired by WAK’s Calypso Blanket

… So this is a little embarrassing but J bought me an amazing new set of circular knitting needles so I could work on all my projects, and I read the labels as mm instead of US sizes! Oops! So I had to start over on the blanket I had been working on because it came out too small. 😓 Read your gauges!! I was using US Size 5 instead of 5mm US Size 8…

But I’m extra happy how it’s turning out now after ripping it apart. I didn’t have the pattern but I loved the Calypso blanket from the We Are Knitters website so I decided to break it down based on the pictures. I’ll post up my notes later on the finished project!

Don’t forget to use code MGMEMHJ0Z for $12 off your purchase at We Are Knitters~

I am also considering hosting a knitting party with WAK in a few months… Would anyone be interested? I would probably raffle off some prizes and there would be snacks provided, of course. The only catch is that the easy/beginner projects that we could finish in one sitting would likely be a hat or a scarf… And seeing how summer is coming, we might make this a fall meet up. Keep you guys posted!

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