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How I Keep In Touch With Grandma

Despite living in 2018, one of my grandmas still don’t use the Internet. Much less cell phones. But, I thought, there’s no reason why in 2018 why I can’t stay in touch with her.

For much of the last year or so I had been mailing her 5×7 printed photographs. After visiting her house one day, I realized all the photos I had mailed her were posted up all over her house. The fridge was covered, the dining room had frames everywhere.. It was a total mess but like, an old school display of all the wonderful times I was sharing with her. I loved it. I looked everywhere for a 5×7 photo album so she could store these and post new ones I sent her, but it was clear that 4x6s still dominated the album-sphere. There was no way she was going to learn scrapbooking, and even less, could I send her giant 12″x12″ pages every month. There had to be an easier way.

So this year in 2018, instead of a rotating picture frame which is nearly useless since she does not have WiFi for me to digitally send her new photos, nor would she know how to load it from an SD card, I decided to go the newer old school route and burn DVDs. (I had considered blu-rays since she owns newer TVs and a boss sound system… And a blu-ray player, but decided that due to the volume of media I’d be sending her, DVDs would be the way to go.)

I picked up an LG 8x External USB Double Layer DVD + RW/CD-RW drive from Best Buy, and loaded Roxio Toast 16 Titanium Pro (coupon code ROXIOSTORE20 for 20% off) onto my computer. Bundled with some kraft mailers from Amazon, I am ready to send some great videos and slideshows to my grandma this year.

Don’t forget the wonderful people in your life, even if they don’t have iPhones or internet. In 2018, it’s you who can make it work for them. Don’t let technology separate the generation gap even more.

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