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Tiger Tail USA

We picked up a Tiger Tail and guide book yesterday. (If you need a two-pack, Costco is currently selling one for $40USD.) We got a pretty good deal on one at Target and their fitness promotion and we don’t need two so we just picked up the single.

The book was pretty pricey, retail, but I found it to be pretty useful at showing you where to target the pressure or trigger point to relieve some of the pain. For someone who had to go through physical therapy, etc, I found this to be really great and saved some money going to get massaged or at the chiropractor. I’ve actually been looking for a resource like this for some time now, I’m really happy I’ve found it.

Although the Classic Tiger Tail is a super simple device, it’s huge draw was that it was simple and didn’t contain all the weird looking knobs and bumps of the other guys. After trying several in store, we just felt that the simple one was able to target the areas the best since your muscles are already non-linear so to speak. (Full disclosure, we also have a Homedics Cordless 3D Tru Touch Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat which works really well when leaning against the back of a couch and moving it down your back.) I also like that it can be cleaned with anti-bacterial products because I know J is gonna use this without a shirt or long pants after a workout. 😒 And, despite the Asian sounding name, it’s made in the USA!

We might acquire more products from this family at a later time, but looks like this is a great basic pack to start 2018. Recommended!

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