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feel good food plan – from healthyish

The Feel Good Food Plan from healthyish of 2018 begins January 2!

At the beginning of the year, every one and his mom usually embarks on their new year resolutions, and general attempt at getting into good habits. I thought this plan was well thought out and includes shopping lists, and wonderfully (pictured) recipes. I might give this one a go this year since I cannot join on the church-wide fast.

So you want to feel amazing this year? Forget the detox. The Feel Good Food Plan is a mind-body-belly strategy for getting the most out of 2018. It’s not about counting calories or cutting out foods. It’s about finding joy in healthy cooking through whole foods, simple techniques, and tons of flavor. Starting on January 2, we’re cooking five just-so-happen-to-be healthy dinners each week for two weeks. We’re mastering lunch prep once and for all. We’re getting out of our breakfastruts. We’re getting all kinds of inspired. And we’re eating dessert. Obviously!

All the recipes are dishes we’d cook any time of year. The dinners are made to be cooked in under an hour, with ten or fewer ingredients that are easy to find in the grocery store. We left out preservatives and refined sugars, and many of these recipes are already gluten-free and Whole-30 friendly. Some, like this broccoli and tofu and these cashew noodles, are naturally vegan. If you want to know how to adapt a recipe, leave us a comment on Instagram or email us at healthyish@condenast.com and we’ll try to help. Above all, this plan is flexible. You can cook the recipes straight through or work them into your regular cooking routine.

Want in? First off, make sure you’re signed up for the Healthyish newsletter before January 2, so you always know what to cook each night, and follow us on Instagram, where we’ll be giving away free stuff and sharing extra tips for mastering the Feel Good Food Plan (and life) in 2018.

Source: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/feel-good-food-plan-welcome

Don’t forget to get a copy of their PDF plan in case it’s not available later in the year… Because anytime is a good time to start good habits!

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