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Kate Somerville – Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

I was lucky enough to receive this pot of gold as one of my gifts this year. I wanted to write a review on it since I don’t really keep up with conventional skincare anymore. (I still make my own skincare products, sans face wash.)

The packaging feels a bit luxurious and I thought the soft purple translucent container was beautiful. The dispenser is unique, you push down to have product released into the bowl. For me, it actually put too much product on, but I can definitely appreciate the sanitary nature of not dipping your fingers into a tub.

The moisturizer didn’t feel as light as other reviewers had stated, it was more of a creamy texture, in line with the name of the product. This was great though considering it is winter time and my skin has been mauled by the dry patchiness of the brisk chilly winter season. Despite my hopes for a one-night-wonder, it still left my skin a bit patchy this morning, but interestingly enough, glowing in the other regions of my face. My face doesn’t feel as dry as it did a few nights ago, and I’d imagine with continual use that there will be a much more significant improvement. I appreciate that the product was chosen for me with sensitive skin and more natural ingredients. Good pick!

As far as it becoming a staple in my regime… I think I still prefer my all natural homemade products, but will definitely be using this until it’s gone. Savoring, even. Thanks, L!

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