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Felix’s Continental Café

Lunch Special Combination

Had lunch in the Orange circle, downtown Orange at Felix’s. Well, super late lunch. The meal of the day!

When you step inside you’re a little bit bombarded by the smell. I couldn’t pinpoint it but decided later it smelled a bit like a homeless person. You kinda get used to it though, didn’t really notice it by the time we left.

The food was pretty good, went for the recommended lunch special combination. It included a bunch of different proteins and vegetables of mostly onions and green peppers. When I first read it I thought it was going to be leftover meat pieces, but it was indeed just a special combination. The rice was seasoned along with this interesting side salad. I liked it all. Dusted.

I would come back if parking was reasonable. Though on the way in I noticed a Blaze Pizza across the way, it seems that commercial chains are starting to take over the region. (It always starts with Starbucks.)